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Welcome to Full Body Massage in Kanpur!

If you are one who loves yourself and seeking a genuine body massage parlor in Kanpur to pamper your body and mind, FBM is a leading spa in Kanpur. Spa with facilities like good ambiance, very good looking staff, steam bath, premium location, etc.

A city of around 30 Lakh people is surrounded by multiple industrial establishments and being known as the most polluted city in Uttar Pradesh. Staying healthy, refreshed, and energetic in this scenario is a challenge for an individual. It is proven in various studies and researches that a regular Body Massage session keeps you healthy and energetic also helps you to stay immune for a longer time.

In a recent survey, we are voted as the number one Body spa in Kanpur, with more than 4000 participants who have given us 9 out of 10 ratings on service quality, ambiance, staff, cleanliness, etc.

Lets Discuss Frequently Asked Questions Here-

Since Kanpur is a small city, therefore there a very limited number of Spas in Kanpur, but most people appreciate a newly opened spa i.e. Essence Spa located in Rave Moti Mall, Rawatpur, Kanpur. Rest is the same.
We already gave a price list of our spa which will be shown on top (if you are visiting our website through mobile) and left (if you visiting our website through laptop/desktop).
Today everyone seeking a cross-gender massage i.g. Female to Male Massage or vice-versa. We hire very nice staff at our spa in Kanpur. We have both male and female staff available.
You can start with Balinese, Aromatherapy, Swedish, etc. Because these are low to medium pressure massage, you can bear the rub of these massage therapies easily. Also, you needn’t worry about choosing a therapy, we have a well-versed counselor at our reception he will help you in choosing the right therapy for you.
We have shared a number for Appointment Booking on the top of the website i.e. 09125140965. You can call us to check the available slot for the day.

If you planning to visit Lucknow, we also provide body massage in Lucknow as well.