Nowadays, women are getting wealthier and also getting into stress & work pressure, which resulted in a new term which is trending among this elite group of women which is called OM (Orgasmic Meditation).

Real Testimony of a Woman: “The Feeling I’ve been looking for in every sex art, yoga class and every mediation I’ve sat in being connected, plugged in and alive. I’d never been in an environment where there was enough space for me to relax and feel.”


The Practice:

OM (Orgasmic Meditation) is a 15 minutes massage technique where a woman pay to a trained masseur to touch her private parts to attain utmost “state of consciousness” while also “improve intimacy” and “increasing your orgasm skills”.

This group of masturbation sessions is called as Nests, it requires women stripping down from their underwear and having a proper massage of their clitoris and other genital area for 15 minutes.