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Is the climate of Mumbai suitable for Regular Body Massage?

Why Body Massage in Mumbai has to take with the climate of Mumbai, let’s understand. The climate of Mumbai has always been troublesome for Mumbaikars. Whether it’s the stifling and insipid humidity in the summers or the outbreak of torrential downpour in the monsoons, the fact that the climate of Mumbai never remains constant is always on the mind of the people living there.

Whether hot or humid the climate can really affect the skin all over your body — causing everything from acne breakouts to itchy dry patches. Extremes in weather — both hot and cold can exacerbate some existing skin conditions or even cause new ones. In warmer climates, increased heat and humidity can cause your skin to sweat, leaving you more prone to breakouts, especially if your skin is oily. The same can be said about the body.

Constant working can tire out the body to an extreme that breaks down the psyche of the human being. Using a cleanser with salicylic acid can help dry up some of the oil, but it can also make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.

So we at FBM have used the latest of techniques to help you relax with our body massage in Mumbai and also provide intensive care for your skin so that your mind is at peace even in the harshest of weathers of Mumbai. The constantly changing abominable climate has forced many new massage parlors in Mumbai to open up in and around of Navi Mumbai and in the old part of Mumbai owing to the sudden inflow of people desperate to avoid the humidity which is ever increasing in the financial city of India.

The mercury though rarely hits above 40 degree in any area of Mumbai but the humid and and wet winds accompanying the seaside almost always brings an ominous feeling of despair and anguish.

Body massage in Mumbai at FBM are equipped with aromatic and fragrant massage oils which are guaranteed to alleviate the moods of the customers visiting us. Many of us love to sit near the ocean or a river and gaze out at the water often, we can sit for long periods simply observing the gentle movements of the water. Why? Though we may not be conscious of it, the water could be inducing a mildly meditative state of calm focus and gentle awareness.

Mumbai being to the coast makes the mindset of people, living in the city, in a state of calm. Being in a mindful state, in which the brain is relaxed but focused, benefits the mind and body on a number of different levels. A growing body of research has found myriad benefits associated with mindfulness, including lower stress levels, relief from mild anxiety, pain and depression, improved mental clarity and focus, and better sleep quality.

With the fast moving life of Mumbai it isn’t a mystery that the people need a change of lifestyle that can take them away from the the daily hustle bustle of life. FBM provides such a getaway for the mind and body that neither the climate nor the strenuous lifestyle will matter when our experienced masseuse will provide you with soothing massages so that all anxiety drops from the body and you feel at the utmost ease.

Body massages in Mumbai at regular interval are necessary for the nurturing of the mind to cope with high stress situations. Also a body massage session helps the body deal with copious weather such as Mumbai’s. Many people also associate the climate with body pain and joint pain. This make all the more reason for regular body massages to slacken the stress levels of the body.

Body Massage plays an important role in training the body how to relax and help improve breathing. Respiratory issues, such as allergies, sinus problems, asthma and bronchitis, are one group of conditions that can benefit from massage therapy. In fact, the positive impact massage can have on respiratory function has been shown through research.

With pollution levels rising dramatically culminating with hot and humid conditions throughout the year , there is an ever growing need of for people to frequent massage parlors. Massage therapy is a beneficial treatment for maintaining and improving flexibility and motion. By working on muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, and joints, regular massage can improve your flexibility and range of motion, keeping your joints more fluid and making them less injury prone.

This is more than necessary to help maintain good physique in the daily motion of life.People frequenting the gym in hot and humid days of Mumbai can thoroughly benefit from our massage sessions after a workout. The climate and weather overall of Mumbai seems to be on an extreme in the summers, so just visit FBM to avail our full range body massage in Mumbai to relieve your stress.