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Swedish Massage 60 Mins Rs. 2700 Rs. 2700
 Thai Massage 60 Mins Rs. 2100 Rs. 2100

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Full Body Massage in Mumbai; Need of the Hour !

body-massage-in-mumbaiMumbai is a popular metropolitan that is known for its diverse population. It has the highest density in terms of population; Although, with a high population comes an increase in air and noise pollution too.This city is the nancial capital of India and a popular tourist attraction. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a break from the fast moving, hectic lifestyle of the city and relax your body, rejuvenate your senses by taking a massage?

Massages and spas have become a popular trend. Massage is the promoter of well- being and relaxation. It can be a recreational activity and can act as a great stress- reliever for many. It has many uses as well. It is sometimes used as a physiotherapy that has a medical purpose where massage is used to cure certain areas of your body to regulate the blood circulation. It is also a popular consideration when it comes to workouts and sports. Many therapists recommend a massage after intensive exercise. There are numerous spa centers in Mumbai that provide the right environment and equipment for the massage, with various offers and combos on the types of massage. They provide various programs like pain relief, skin whitening and tightening, better sleep, detox, anti- fatigue, etc. These categories combine a number of international spa trends and provide customized packages to the customers that they can choose according to their need.

Here are the various international massage techniques applied in Mumbai, refreshing your senses:

  • Acupressure and Acupuncture: These originated from Chinese massage styles that are very traditional and involve the application of pressure by hands, elbows, and other devices. It is said to cure soft tissue injuries in the body.
  • Anma Massage: This Japanese style of massage involves vigorous rubbing, tapping, shaking and kneading, commonly preferred through clothes. Anma massage is the predecessor of Shiatsu and Tui Na forms of massage.
  • Aquatic Bodywork: In this type, diverse set of techniques are applied in the water. It includes land based bodywork as well, combined with warm water pool massage.
  • A shiatsu: Treatment in this type of massage is delivered by the practitioner using their feet. It involves usage of the heel, planar surface of the foot and sesamoid that offers large tension and compression, being absolutely ideal for large muscles like thighs.
  • Balinese Massage: These are gentle massage techniques that make the patient feel calm and relaxed throughout the treatment. It is usually delivered with use of aromatherapy oil and is said to increase the blood and energy ow in the body, making it one of the most effective massage techniques.
  • Bowen Technique: Bowen technique is a type where there is a rolling movement over joints, tendons, and ligaments. It relieves muscle tensions and strains and doesn’t involve a deep and a prolonged method as other types do.
  • Breema Massage: Gentle and Rhythmical stretches and leans, performed on the oor with the customer fully clothed.
  • Biodynamic Massage: A combination of energy and physical work, practiced as a standalone therapy.
  • Champissage massage: It is focused on the face, head and neck, believed to be balancing the chakras.
  • Craniosacral Therapy: By applying a light touch to the face, skull, pelvis and spine, tensions deep in the body are released by this gentle approach.
  • Esalen Massage: With main influences like Sensory awareness work and Swedish Massage, Esalen Massage is a combination of many massage and bodywork techniques. It works with passive joint exercises, gentle rocking of the body and deep structural works, together with and energetic balancing of the body, on the joints and the muscles.
  • Foot Massage: As the name suggests, this reexological style focuses on the feet, the weight bearers of your entire body, and this type is said to relax the feet by massaging the soles and stretching the ankles.

As you can see, there is a myriad of options available when you want to relax your nerves. The types of massages mentioned are available in almost every good spa in Mumbai and you can get the specific type suited to your needs. A good massage in Mumbai is a must once in a month as it becomes essential to take a good care of your body. After all, the hectic lifestyle of every Mumbaikar today needs a good break. The break should not only be for your mind, but for your body too.

Massage in Mumbai has been considered very liberating and the best way to rejuvenate in almost every culture. The massages that target specific body part will help you in narrowing down the kind of massage you need. The stress takes away every person’s spirits and not only in the workplace, but with the changing dynamics and equations in the personal life, people are never free from the word ‘tension’. Massages are a bit expensive, but instead of boiling your blood and going to the doctor for the expensive check ups every week, one can go for the better and more relaxed option of massages. You can literally get rid of a lot of your stress just by taking one massage session and feel healthy and ready for your mundane life.

Massages have evolved through ages and people today can avail all the benefits of the massage through a spa. They offer privilege cards and the regular customers can get discounts too. In a place like Mumbai, people have no time for keeping a track of their health and it deteriorates over time due to many factors. But a healthy mind and body should be their top priority. The massage therapies offered by the spas have a deep and long lasting effect on the muscles and one can feel the positivity for a longer time. In the fast paced life and the rat race that surrounds every citizen of Mumbai, the one thing they need is a break and they will get the best one if they get any of the massage mentioned above, especially the ones targeting your muscles and joints. A healthy mind takes the best decisions and a healthy body helps in executing those decisions, so ensure that you have both.

Thus to experience this rejuvenating time by opting for Massage in Mumbai, just get in touch with us and we will acquaint you with the best massage center for you in Mumbai.

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