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Swedish Massage 60 Mins Rs. 2200 Rs. 1500
 Thai Massage 60 Mins Rs. 2200 Rs. 1500

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Is Body Massage in Gurgaon emerging as the new Bangkok of India?

How massage parlours in Bangkok works ?

While visiting the Asian city of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, people from all over the world scramble to the fabled Red light area which is incidentally the largest in the world. Thriving with erotic massage parlors Bangkok has earned a nefarious name for its raunchy massage techniques culminating in obscenity which becomes highly apparent while walking down the lane of parlors lined up in Bangkok.

The real story of Body Massage in Gurgaon (Gurugram) ?

While this culture of erotic massage parlors in Bangkok has become highly popular, the very same concept is now being applied in the new emerging Cyber Hub of India Gurgaon. It has become increasingly common to find shady massage parlors operated by individuals who are flagrantly misusing the name of massage parlors to sell sex. These establishments have sprung up in the wake of massive Police bust that has been ongoing in the infamous Grand Bastion Road area which houses most of New Delhi’s red light area. Fake massage parlors hire North-Eastern girls on the pretext of portraying them as Thai or Malaysian women to attract more customers Bangkok has three foreign oriented red light districts: Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and Patpong. While 95% of the venues in all of these areas are go go bars, there are some characteristics that are unique to each of BKK’s three red light districts. Each red light district houses more that 10-15 steamy massage parlors. A very coinciding picture is now being noticed in Gurgaon (Gurugram) as well. It is said that in Bangkok, if you throw a stone it is likely to hit a gambler or a brothel goer. In Gurgaon, it is likely to hit a spa goer or a club hopper. Spa centres and nightclubs that offer sexual services on the side are fast turning the Millennium City into the Capital’s Bangkok. These centres and clubs which operate from various malls and luxury hotels in Mehrauli Gurgaon Road (MG Road) specialize in offering sensual/erotic massages to clients depending on their financial ability.

Similarity of Massage Spa in Gurgaon & Bangkok !

The spas also solicit prospective customers through social networking sites such as Facebook and WhatsApp by bombarding them with tariff plans, addresses, contact numbers and information regarding the availability of female therapists. The police on their part, express helplessness in cracking down on spas that allegedly indulge in prostitution citing lack of evidence. and preference. This sudden splurge of parlors offering erotic services has besmirched the good name of the legal establishments that are offering original massage services however sensuous it may seem. We at FBM provide services which are not like these. Our masseuse are trained and do not indulge in wrongful activities . According to police, since these illegal properties are registered under individual names, which the organizers of rave party do just to obtain liquor licence for a day. Being private, the place is relatively safe from raids. These body massage parlors are providing full body massage in Gurgaon to people for extremely low prices which are attracting even more and more customers to come here and avail these services. The spa owners are constantly monitoring activities outside their premises through CCTV cameras installed at the gates. So whenever a raid happens, they quickly alert the prostitutes and change their operational style. The places are extremely unhygienic and placed far away from people so as to avoid any confrontation with the authorities. The scenario is more and more resembling Bangkok in a way that should not be associated with Cyber Hub of India. The practice of massage parlors being used as a front to promote unsavory massages , which is a practice of bangkok, is not unheard of in India. But its being used as an excuse by the people who own such establishments to promote the flagrant use of sex and drugs in the metropolis city.

Why you should stay away from these kind of establishments & choose FBM?

Instead of the relaxation and peace of mind these parlors are offering sleazy masseuses with shoddy equipment and no care for the customers, with their main motive to sell sex to selected clientele. Although not being followed on a colossal level such as in Bangkok, but Gurgaon seems to be heading the same way where massage parlors are being opened as a front for promoting illegal prostitution. We at FBM, in full view of the intricate legal binding that concerns this business of massage parlors, have associated ourselves with only the proper and legal massage parlors, so that our clients can avail our services without having to worry about the authorities troubling them. Our services in Gurugram are hassle-free and available to everyone at affordable rates minus the vulgarity of these small time parlors. Our methods are different from them as we have the most comfortable and relaxing beds and highly air conditioned, perfumed rooms for the best experience and massage services money can buy.