We have often heard people say that massaging involves no rocket science and becoming a massage therapist therefore is simple and easy.

Believe me, massaging is an art which you master over time. Most people fall prey to such delusions and they don’t seem to understand the intricacies of becoming a true professional massage therapist.

Trust me, it’s not a cake walk and just like any other profession, there is always a scope for improvement. Just as you nourish and cultivate your skills with growing years, you gain expertise in learning this art with time.

Before I move on to tell you how to differentiate between a professional massage therapist and an untrained professional, you need to know what wonders good massaging can do to your body.

  • Firstly, nothing can be as refreshing and relaxing than getting a good massage. If you really want to get a feel of being in heaven then getting a professional massage is highly recommended to you.
  • Secondly, it is definitely a stress buster and you would feel as light as a feather after this wonderful therapy. All in all, massaging can actually turn out to be a refreshing and exhilarating experience for you.
  • Thirdly, it has its own set of health benefits too. It alleviates you from any kind of muscle and body pains and hence alleviating all type of suffering.
  • Fourthly, massage can help you get rid of depression and anxiety would make you feel rejuvenated.
  • Fifthly, it induces you to have a comforting sleep and promotes immense relaxation.


And last but not the least, it relieves you of severe headaches as massage therapists focus on energizing and rejuvenating you .

Now that you know massaging efficiently and effectively is not everyone’s job, you should be well aware of the disadvantages of getting a massage from an untrained professional. Trust me, choosing the right person can make a lot of difference to your therapeutic experience.

Many people tend to ignore various aspects of choosing the right massage therapist professional for themselves and therefore regret wasting their money and time.

What you need to know is the fact that massaging has its own set of techniques and methods which a massage therapist needs to have expertise in. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to feel the true magical effect that an effective massage can have on you.

Hence , a prudent decision would be to make a good choice regarding your massage therapist. This is the utmost important aspect which you cannot compromise with if you want to make massaging an exquisite experience for yourself.

Here is an ultimate guide which will help you to not only make a wise decision but also add to your existing knowledge of a trained massage therapist.

I am sure that by now you know why you need to choose someone professional. Believe me , getting a massage from some untrained professional can turn out to be a nightmare for you. No wonder that people are ready to burn a big hole in their pockets for the right expert services.

But, if you are still wondering, then here are a few things you need to know. Here are a few reasons as to why you should avoid getting a massage from an untrained professional.

Though there are innumerable reasons as to why choosing an untrained professional for massaging is not a good idea, here is something which tops the list and I am sure that you would agree with me on this.

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An untrained professional would lack the expertise of doing massage the right way. If you are still wondering what I am trying to say then the crux is that massaging is a learned skill which cannot be acquired overnight.

It requires a lot of time and hard work just like any other profession. Trust me , massaging is more than mere movement of hands on your body. So, basically, an untrained professional would be lacking the right amount of experience and necessary skills. Now, it’s easy to find out if you selected a trained or an untrained professional. Well, they may go on to just squeeze random parts of your body and apply tons of massage oil. You would come to know in seconds that they are merely fiddling around doing nothing and are just after making money.

Secondly, an untrained professional wouldn’t know the right tricks and techniques to help you out with health problems. So, they may end up hurting and injuring you. Maybe, they are still in the learning process and experimenting on you. You would be able to make that out by the way they touch you. On the other hand, a trained professional would make you feel great with their amazing hands. Hence, getting a massage from an untrained professional would be more of a pain in the ass as they would be naïve to all the right methods to make you feel comfortable.

Thirdly, an untrained professional would fail to understand your requirements and specific needs. Undoubtedly, this is true as they would only do what they really know. So, whatever you say would fall to deaf ears as they are not an expert in massaging. Also, you would start feeling annoying after some time as they would be pretending to know this mere practice. Did you know that there are different types of massage for varied purposes? Well, an untrained professional fails to identify the right reasons as to why you want a massage.

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Fourthly, an untrained professional is always looking for ways to pass away the time and remain disinterested to your demands. Remember, the basic prerequisite of an massage therapist should be to satisfy their customers and make them feel contented. Trust me , massaging is a lucrative business for untrained professionals who are simply looking to earn a few extra bucks by deceiving customers. You would often find them looking at their watch to pass the time. Hence, you should avoid untrained professionals who would be wasting your hard earned money and precious time.

Fifthly, an untrained professional would fail to understand your physical, emotional and social needs and therefore it is the one of the major reasons as to why you should avoid them. An untrained professional wouldn’t be able to connect with you on an emotional level when it would come to understanding your tastes and preferences. Also, an untrained professional won’t be able to provide you any psychological support in case you are suffering from health problems.

Sixthly, an untrained professional won’t be committed to their profession and you would be able to sense that in a few minutes .Also, they would lack the confidence and it would show in the way they treat you. That’s the reason why you are highly recommended to not try an untrained professional. On the other hand ,a licensed therapeutic masseuse has different training and credentials from a non-therapeutic masseuse. Unlike untrained professionals they have been trained rigorously to provide a safe service to their customers. Undoubtedly, an untrained professional are not reliable and credible when it comes to massage. There is a high risk involved as they can leave you groaning in pain by pressing the wrong points of your body.

Seventhly, many a times, customers go for massage because they have severe muscle ache problems and want to resolve health issues they are facing. An untrained professional would not be specialized to deal with one particular aspect of your problem and might leave you disappointed. From Shiatsu to Deep Tissue, there are multitude techniques which can relieve your pain. But, an untrained professional would not be able to identify your problem, let alone solve it. Whereas, trained therapists on the other hand would really know their anatomy and utilize many different techniques to tackle problem areas and unwind knots.

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Last but not the least, an untrained professional would lack the basic mannerisms you may be expecting. Often, untrained professionals don’t consider communication skills, proper attire, cleanliness and hygiene as important aspects of their profession. But, I am sure that you would want someone who follows some ethics to make you feel at ease. An untrained professional would not be as disciplined as you may want them to be. Hence, you should avoid untrained professionals as massaging involves physical touch and it’s not a good idea to choose someone who is unhygienic.

Hence, in a nutshell, it can be said that, choosing an untrained professional over a trained professional is not a prudent decision for you. Now with elaborate reasons in front of you, it shouldn’t be tough to make the right choice. Most of all, you need to remember that an untrained professional doesn’t recognize the difference between “hurt” and “harm”. And may end up harming you by providing inappropriate treatment with irreversible consequences. All in all, you need to experience the best and therefore it is not at all advisable that you compromise at any point.